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VAT / no VAT:
Some legal status (as "association Loi 1901" in France) are exempt from VAT. We offer two possibilities to our customers:
 .  VAT is applicable to you. The invoices to your registrant will be directly edited by our society. Benefit: You will not have to manage and archive the duplicata of invoices.
 . VAT is not applicable for your "association". Invoices will be white-labelled. (The legal entity that will bill will be your "association" ; We are just mandated by you to collect and manage the fee.). Billing is managed by our system (you don't have to manage it) but you'll have to keep all duplicata and integrate them in your accounting.Benefit: fees for your conference will be without any VAT.
Webdesign option
After creation of your workshop, a basic design with a scientific workshop oriented classical menu will be generated: you'll immediatly be able to edit your own content. The menu, logo, header could be personalized with no extra fee.
Your workshop website could be highly personalized by our staff. To personalize the web design, set up slideshows, extra fee will be billed.